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Christmas Porchscape

The Christmas season is a great time for designing a porchscape – so many shades of red and green to work with, should it be bright and whimsical, traditional, or a mix of both? A classic theme, or a farmhouse in the country theme? So much to think about! The inspiration for our design began […]

How To Make a House Address Plaque

You can add a great architectural element to your house by displaying your house address on a wooden plaque. You can get all the pieces and parts at the home improvement store. Also, craft stores will likely have a larger variety of wood plaque styles to choose from, too. This wooden plaque came in this […]

DIY Decorative Porch Wreath Holder

There are many ways to add a welcoming feel to a front porch. Pots of flowers, a cozy bench, a beautiful hanging light fixture, and a seasonal wreath hung on the front door all add to the charm of a porch. We all love to make our own porch reflect how we feel about our […]

Lobster Buoys – Summertime Decor

Livening up your outdoor spaces is easy with iconic summertime themes and decorations. These beautiful and colorful lobster buoys can conjure up the feel of sandy beaches, the refreshing waves and the seashells, and the relaxed feeling of staying at a beach cottage.   What is a Lobster Buoy? Lobster fishermen use buoys to locate […]

Outdoor Bench

When you add a timeless classic to your yard, you create a high degree of visual interest and enjoyment. And this leads to an outdoor space that can earn the title of ‘favorite’. We are delighted to bring you this outdoor bench plan that will surely be a beautiful accent in your yard, not to […]

Fall Porchscape

We decided that the Fall season would be perfect for our very first porchscape. We had so much fun with it that we can’t wait to do our next one and share it with you! One of us here at better Outdoor Living at home, has a nice size front porch (not that you have […]

The Adirondack Chair

What a unique shape for a chair, and so very relaxing. It is at home on a porch, patio, and even in the lawn. It seems that one of our country’s favorite outdoor chairs is the Adirondack chair. It is an American summer and fall icon that signals a relaxing ‘landing place’. The original, known […]

DIY Outdoor Planter Box – Cape Cod Style Planter

We designed this outdoor planter with traditional and classic detailing in mind. It would be a great addition for your porch, deck, or patio. Cape Cod Style Planter Box We call this planter box the “Cape Cod” because it reflects the architectural style of the north east sea coast. Our aim was to give it […]

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