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Invisible Fencing

The simple means of using an invisible fencing system to keep dogs safe, could fit into anyone’s everyday, outdoor living style.   Dogs can easily become distracted and that can lead to straying from the safety of the yard, so we want to do everything we can to protect them. Conventional fences have been known […]

Brick Wall Patterns

Classic outdoor brick walls have graced the outdoor spaces of all sizes of houses for centuries. Whether used to help define a property edge or accent a garden, the appeal of the outdoor brick wall has remained unchanged. Enhance your outdoor spaces with the beauty and classic tradition of brick … The traditional brick bonds […]

Outdoor Deck Inspection

Just because you have a relatively new deck, and you are confident that it was built by a competent contractor, doesn’t mean that it does not need to be regularly inspected for safety. And older decks especially are prime candidates for more frequent safety inspections. Preserving and maintaining your deck involves more than simply cleaning […]

Before Building and Installing a Fence

Wow! There is so much to say in regard to installing a fence in your yard! There’s a lot of preliminary stuff that you need to do and much to understand to make your project a success. But first, we want to say kudos to you for deciding to add beauty, architectural enhancement, and value […]

The Basics for Designing Outdoor Steps

Building correctly proportional steps is necessary for safety. Front porch steps, deck steps, or an outdoor stair way, all need to be designed for safe use. If you have a project coming up that will involve building a set of steps, there are important issues to understand. We rely on steps to be comfortable to […]

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