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Do You Know Your Period House Hardware? Test Your Knowledge!

One of the classic details you can add to a traditional home’s home improvement project is period hardware. Period hardware manufactured today replicates the designs that were used at a particular time in architectural history. It includes outdoor hardware like door knobs and thumb latches, gate and door strap hinges, latches, door knockers and bells, […]

Cleaning Out the Garage: What to Do With Old Household Products

It was ‘clean out day’ outside in our Mom’s garage recently. A local household hazardous waste drop-off event was coming up soon, and we wanted to take advantage of it, and get rid of a bunch of old household products. We had been eyeing various older items in the garage for a while, wanting to […]

A New Look for an Old Storm Door

Painting my aluminum storm door proved to be a worthwhile project. It gave the door an updated look, and, not having to buy a new storm door right now, was an added bonus.   Even though the door is around 20 years old, overall, it is in good mechanical condition, despite having a few dings […]

Pruning Saw – Indispensable Hand Tool for The Yard

Spring and summer are just around the corner. Many homeowners are looking forward to some mild temperatures to be able to get started on some springtime yard cleanup. It’s amazing what accumulates in the yard over the winter. If your to-do list for the yard includes pruning small tree branches, dead wooding, or cutting up […]

Insulating Hose Bib Cover

When January and February roll around, many homeowners start to become concerned about the risk of water freezing in their house’s water lines.   Protect Outdoor Hose Bibs from Freezing Temperatures Even outdoor faucets are at risk. Water that freezes inside the supply line to an outside wall-mounted hose bib can cause the pipe to […]

Cleaning Mildew & Algae on Outdoor Walking Surfaces

Mildew and algae can grow on both horizontal and vertical exterior surfaces. They can grow so slowly that you may not be aware of their presence until they become very visible by discoloring the surface, or when a walking surface becomes slippery, especially when the surface is wet.   Mildew is typically black or gray […]

How to Keep Water Away from Your Foundation

Keeping water away from your foundation is essential year round with spring and fall rains, summer storms, and snow in winter. Water that remains near the foundation can cause leaks into the basement, not to mention moisture problems. Using Surface Drainage At Your Foundation Walls There a number of ways to keep water away from […]

Garden Sheds and Storage Ideas

Recently we visited a Home & Garden show where ideas abound for enhancing the comfort, convenience, and beauty of the house and the outdoors for homeowners. One of the displays that caught our eye was of a company that builds yard/garden storage structures, including garden sheds, dutch barns, garages, playhouses, and even weekend cabins. We […]

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