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Comfort Floor Mats

A cushioned floor mat may be just the work accessory you need to provide comfort during those tasks that have you standing for a long period of time.

A regular floor mat doesn’t provide cushioning

If you find yourself standing on a hard surface for long periods of time, maybe at the potting table or at the work bench, you may have felt fatigue, or even pain, in your legs, feet, or back. Luckily, many products now are being designed to allow for more natural and relaxed posturing. Studies have shown that these products, known as ergonomically designed products, help to reduce the discomfort many people experience while performing various tasks. Some ergonomic products you may have seen include rakes, yard hand tools, and snow shovels.

For our comfort while standing, an indispensable ergonomic accessory is the cushioned, or comfort floor mat. These mats are designed with a thick inner cushioning material encapsulated by an outer surface. The outer surface should be durable and long wearing. The inner cushioning material, which may include foam, or even a gel, is designed to have shock absorbent properties, and to allow for subtle movement of leg muscles as you shift your weight or move about on the mat. This results in these muscles expanding and contracting which helps to increase circulation and lessen fatigue, and reduce discomfort in the legs, feet, and back.

Check out the different manufacturers of comfort floor mats, and the types of materials and technology that they use to produce their mats. You’ll want to choose a comfort mat that uses a high quality cushioning material that will not deteriorate with high use and that will not loose its resilient and comfort properties under weight and compression. These mats are available with cushioning material in various thicknesses, so you can choose one that will have sufficient comfort for your specific needs. You also can select from many styles and finishes even some that are more stylish, such as surfaces with embossed patterns, carpeted surfaces, and attractive colors, for indoor tasks.

Some important features to look for:

• Slip resistant – to keep the mat from sliding or moving around
• Good foot traction – for sure footing
• Durable and tough materials – to resist cracking and splitting
• Quality cushioning material – to give constant comfort and will not loose its resiliency during use
• Beveled edges (on each edge) – to lay flat to reduce tripping; also, for safety, the edges should be resistant to cracking and curling
• Maintenance – outer surface should allow for easy cleaning
• Indoor styles – great for places indoors where we find ourselves standing a lot, like in the kitchen or when ironing

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