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Do You Know Your Period House Hardware? Test Your Knowledge!

One of the classic details you can add to a traditional home’s home improvement project is period hardware. Period hardware manufactured today replicates the designs that were used at a particular time in architectural history. It includes outdoor hardware like door knobs and thumb latches, gate and door strap hinges, latches, door knockers and bells, […]

Protect Your Door Screens From Damage

The following scenario may sound very familiar to many dog owners. A large family dog is distracted by another dog or a person outside, and forgetting that there is a screen door between him and the distraction, goes flying through the screen ripping it beyond repair.   This has happened to our brother and sister-in-law’s […]

How to Fix a Sagging Door

My storm door was out of alignment. The top of the door was hitting the door frame which meant it was sagging and needed to be squared. Any door, whether a storm or screen door, an entry door, or an interior door, is suppose to be able to move freely  within its door jamb. The […]

A New Look for an Old Storm Door

Painting my aluminum storm door proved to be a worthwhile project. It gave the door an updated look, and, not having to buy a new storm door right now, was an added bonus.   Even though the door is around 20 years old, overall, it is in good mechanical condition, despite having a few dings […]

Red Entry Doors

Red entry doors are so eye-catching. The color red can be used as one of the accent colors for a house’s color palette. Since red is so striking, it is a color that should be used sparingly. One of the immediate effects of using a red hue, is it’s capability of creating a focal point […]

Storm Door Wind Damage

Since storm doors, and even screen doors, open outwardly, they are vulnerable to wind damage from strong gusts of wind, if the door opens into the direction of the wind. These prevailing winds can cause damage to many of the major parts a storm door. A prevailing wind blows mainly from a single general direction. […]

Tudor Revival Front Doors

Do you own a Tudor Revival style house? If it was built in the early 1900’s, it probably has an abundance of authentic architectural detailing and features. Unfortunately, over time as houses have become more and more expensive, much of that beautiful detailing has gone by the wayside. The craftsmen of old would build houses […]

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