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The National Cherry Blossom Festival

I’m imagining that going to the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC may be one of this country’s best springtime trips ever. This year, in 2015, the festival is from March 20 to April 12.   I have not been there yet, but it is on my list of places to go. It no […]

Doubled-Flowered ‘Meringue’ Coneflower – A Perennial a Week

  Weeks ago I posted about a beautiful coneflower that I discovered this summer, and, while searching for information on it I discovered a whole world of coneflowers from the Cone-fections (trademarked) series, introduced by AB Cultivars of the Netherlands.   These double-flowered coneflowers are so pretty with their abundance of petals covering the entire […]

‘Coconut Lime’ Coneflower ~ A Perennial a Week

My fascination with this gorgeous perennial all started one day while at a favorite little neighborhood restaurant. We took some of the kids to breakfast, and they wanted to eat on the outdoor patio. It is full of round tables and market umbrellas, all of which was quite lovely on a summer day at mid-morning […]

Flowering Crabapple Trees – Choose Disease-Resistant First, Flower Color Second

  I used to have a flowering crabapple in my backyard, and it was gorgeous in bloom – its lovely dark pink blooms created a big colorful canopy. Those few weeks when it was in bloom it was simply fabulous.   But the rest of the summer months it was absolutely unsightly, just a tattered […]

Wordless Wednesday – Brighten Up a Cold Winter’s Day


Are You Ready For Spring?

Is that a silly question, or what? About this time of the winter season, we all can get a bit of cabin fever, and begin to feel that spring just can’t get here soon enough!   So to hold us over until spring actually arrives on March 20 this year (2014), a little reminder of […]

Christmas Fern ~ A Perennial a Week

I was very excited to discover this evergreen perennial. And surprising to me, it is a fern! The Christmas fern keeps its leaves all winter, even if it’s under the snow.   Perhaps, it’s serendipity that the Christmas fern takes center stage for the ‘A Perennial a Week’ series, this time of year.  I just […]

Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy Carnation Mix ~ A Perennial a Week

One of my favorite flowers in a fresh flower bouquet is a carnation. I love their texture, the density of their flower petals, and their uniquely fresh aroma. I came upon this beautiful carnation mix, called Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy, and I especially love the variations of pinks in the mix. The carnations included in […]

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