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DIY Decorative Porch Wreath Holder

There are many ways to add a welcoming feel to a front porch. Pots of flowers, a cozy bench, a beautiful hanging light fixture, and a seasonal wreath hung on the front door all add to the charm of a porch.

We all love to make our own porch reflect how we feel about our homes by putting our own personal unique touches to it. To add some fun and uniqueness to your porch, display your seasonal wreaths on a decorative wreath holder post in a classic style.

This wreath post will go great with many house styles.



This is a simple, fairly inexpensive do-it-yourself project that requires only a few pieces of wood. Look at your local lumber yard to see if they have a scrape bin of wood. You may be able to find a 4 x 4 post and a 2 x 4 for a lot less money than buying standard lengths of wood.

We actually had a lot of the materials for this project left over from this project and this one, which included a 36” long 4 x 4 post, 2 x 4’s for the feet, the wood screws and the exterior primer. So the only items we had to buy were the decorative hook and the exterior spray paint.



1 – 4 x 4 cedar post cut to 34″ to 36” length (depending on size of your wreath), for the post.
4 – 2 x 4 cut to 12” lengths, for the feet.


Wreath holder post sketch




8 – #8, 2 1/2” exterior grade wood screws to attach the legs to the post (2 screws per foot).
1 – decorative hook to hang your wreath.


Building the Wreath Holder Post

As always, wear safety glasses when using power tools.

Cut the 4×4 post to your length. Use a router to bevel all 4 sides of the top of the post with a 45 degree chamfer bit.

Cut 4 – 2×4 feet, to 12” length. Add detailing to the feet by creating the cuts shown in the sketch. At one end of each 12″ board, measure 1” up from the bottom edge and mark it. Use a compound miter saw to cut the 45 degree angle at that 1″ mark. Easy the corners of the cut by hand sanding for a more finished appearance.

Sand all surfaces of the post and feet to smooth any rough areas.

Prime or stain all sides of the post and feet with an exterior primer or exterior stain before you attach the feet to the post.

Attach each foot with 2 – 2 1/2” exterior grade wood screws. Place screws 1″ from edges and diagonally from each other (see above sketch).


We spray painted the post (rustoleum moss green)


Apply exterior paint or exterior stain. Attach the decorative hook to the post.


Now select the perfect place on your front porch for your wreath holder post to display your favorite wreath.


Found a beautiful vintage style hook at a local gift shop






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