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Fast-Drying Outdoor Cushion Foam

Outdoor decorating at home very often includes accessorizing with pillows and cushions for outdoor furniture. Homeowners who have priced, or purchased outdoor fabrics for pillows and furniture cushions know that it can be an expensive decorating project. So it is important to use durable materials that are made for the outdoors.

Moisture, including rain, humidity, and other sources of moisture (dew, fog), can be a problem for cushion materials that are not made for outdoor use.

Furniture cushion foam, and pillow inserts, that are not made for outdoor use, have the potential of attracting and retaining moisture like a sponge. This can lead to problems with mold, mildew, and musty odors. It can also limit the use of an outdoor area due to damp cushions. Basically, non-outdoor cushion foam does not possess quick drying properties.

Using high performance products is important for outdoor use. High quality outdoor fabrics are just part of the solution. Cushion foam (upholstery foam) used for outdoor decor also needs to perform well in a wet or moist environment.

High Performance Fast-Drying Outdoor Cushion Foam

The material used to make high performance outdoor cushion, or upholstery, foam has fast-drying properties. These high performance products have large open cell construction that allows water to easily flow through the foam, thereby resisting the collecting and retaining of water, and allows for fast evaporation of moisture. By drying faster, your cushions are quickly ready for use again.

Using fast-drying outdoor products for both fabrics and cushions, as part of your outdoor decor, is a good defense against moisture problems. Many of the fabric stores, as well as online fabric retailers, offer high performance cushion foam products for outdoor use at home. Some marine upholstery suppliers also offer quick-drying outdoor cushion foam.

Not all outdoor cushion products have the same properties or quality. Ask the retailer to explain the performance of their products so that you can make an informed decision when choosing products for your outdoor home decorating project.

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