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Yes! There Are Flowering Shrubs That Bloom in Summer – Knock Out Roses

Flowering shrubs and the season of spring go hand-in-hand. It seems springtime is just brimming with so many different flowering shrubs  – like lilacs, spirea, azalea, viburnum.


Even though that time of year can be so beautiful, it seems it’s over too quickly, wouldn’t you agree? The spring blooming season doesn’t last as long as we’d like. I wouldn’t mind at all if the plant breeders could develop a spirea that blooms all summer!


In a short few weeks, the spring flowers leave us, only to have to wait another year for their return. I’m always disappointed when my Korean lilacs are finished blooming. So when they are in bloom, I make sure I am deliberate about taking in their beauty and fragrance while they grace the landscape.


Lilacs are one of my favorites for making cut flower arrangements for inside the house.


I digressed there for a moment. I wanted to talk about a wonderful shrub that will give your home’s landscape a ton of flowers throughout the entire growing season, not just spring. So what’s available in flowering shrubs for summer? About mid May, I noticed that the Knock Out rose shrubs were already fully leafed and were already blooming – and blooming in abundance!


Now, Knock Out roses are not new on the scene. They have been around for a while. And they’d be a great choice for a homeowner who is looking to keep the colorful flow of flowering shrubs going all summer long! They are not a rose bush, such as a tea rose. They are a shrub, and actually grow in an upright shrub form – about 4-5 feet in both height and width, so they can be used in a variety of ways – like for a hedge.


How picturesque  – The Sunny Knock Out rose –



Source: Conrad-Pyle



They are lovely and definitely eye-catching. These upright rose shrubs have given the homeowner new ways to use roses. They look great in a mass planting or as a hedge for foundations or borders. If you are looking for a shrub that will give your yard beautiful color through the summer, it would be worth looking into the Knock Out family of roses.


The gorgeous Pink Double Knock Out rose-



Source: Conrad-Pyle

Source: Conrad-Pyle



Here’s some information on these roses from the growers – they have 5 to 6 blooming cycles through spring and summer and last until frost, they are hardy to zone 5, you don’t need to deadhead them, and they’re more pest and disease resistant than other types of roses. I have to say though, that I have seen some of these rose shrubs bothered by an insect that is eating on the leaves, but overall most of the Knock Outs look really good.


As roses go, I love them! But, I’m not a fan of high maintenance roses for my yard. I guess I just don’t have the patience to fuss with them. But if I can get a ton of roses that bloom from May until frost without the fuss, well that sounds perfect to me!



Source: Conrad-Pyle

Source: Conrad-Pyle



The colors of the roses are red, several pinks, and a yellow. My favorites are ‘Blushing’, which is a soft pink shade, and a soft yellow called ‘Sunny’. ‘Sunny’ has a deep yellow bud, which opens to a lemonade shade of yellow.


Such a soft shade of pink in the Blushing Knock Out rose –


Source: Conrad-Pyle

Source: Conrad-Pyle



So about the time when the flowering shrubs of spring start to fade, the Knock Out roses are ready to begin their long blooming season. It’s a win-win!


What flowering shrubs are blooming in your yard this summer ?


We are not an affiliate of Knock Out Roses – we just like their roses.





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