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Selecting a Garage Door Made Easy

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you’ll likely be excited to know that some of the most popular garage door manufacturers have taken the guess work out of choosing a new garage door for your very own garage.

Since garage doors cost a lot of moolah, you may be feeling a bit stressed out over the task of selecting just the right door. After all, your search will likely include looking for an eye catching design, just the right color, and the right style to complement your house style. It’s a lot to get ‘just right’!

This photo from houzz via pinterest shows a rather deluxe garage design, but looking at the architectural features of just the garage doors, it’s easy to see how they can contribute to the beauty to a space.



If you need a bit of help in visualizing what a certain door would look like, then garage door manufacturers like, Carriage Door, Clopay,  Garaga, Overhead Door, and Wayne-Dalton have just what you need. After looking at many sites, we have found that these five seem to be the most comprehensive in what you can actually do in their ‘design center’ – they offer the most interactive software to help the homeowner (you!) select the right door. You can even choose the hardware for it.

These design-your-own-garage-door websites include designing with color choices, choosing hardware, and the opportunity to see what the door looks like with, or without windows.

These design centers are pretty easy to use. You start by uploading your own photo of your garage, or you can select a sample photo from their gallery. If you can upload your own photo, you won’t have to imagine what a particular door and its features will look like on your own garage. After all, that’s the whole point of these design centers – to see what the door will look like on your very own garage!

There are many garage door manufacturers who make gorgeous and high quality doors, not just the ones we mentioned above – some even custom made doors! So don’t limit yourself in your search just because they may not have a design-your-own-garage-door program on their site.

The right garage door can really enhance your home’s curb appeal if you have a front or side loading garage, and, can add architectural features and details to your garage, and the adjacent area of the yard.

Are you looking for a new garage door? Try out these garage door manufacturers’ design centers –

Carriage Door      Clopay      Garaga      Overhead Door      Wayne-Dalton



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