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Leaf Rakes and Specialty Rakes

Having the right tool for an outdoor task makes the project go more smoothly, whether for building and construction, gardening, or lawn care. Innovative designs, also, make tools easier to use or add a time-saving value to the tool’s workability.

 Leaf Rakes

 Leaf rakes and autumn seem to go hand in hand when the leaves start to fall. These are two leaf rakes that we really like.

The first is a standard leaf rake, but what makes this particular one unique is that it is designed to resist becoming jam-packed with twigs and leaves.



This rake is uniquely designed with a patented V-shape connection at the end of the tines. A neighbor has been using this particular rake for 3 years, and loves it.

Second up is the shrub rake. If you’ve ever used a standard size leaf rake to get between the shrubs, you know how tangled the shrub’s branches can get in the rake tines.



The shrub rake is narrower (about 8”) allowing easy access between shrubs, under shrubs in a hedge situation, and difficult to reach spots. We’ve seen handle lengths on these vary from around 42” to 60” for different models.


Specialty Rakes

Specialty rakes are those rakes that are designed to do specific yard and landscaping tasks. These special types of rakes are not necessarily a tool you would use everyday and may only need to be used occasionally. One example of a specialty rake is the thatch rake.

A thatch rake is designed to remove the mat-like layer of old grass clippings and other natural clutter from the grass to help promote a healthier lawn. This is also known as de-thatching. Cooler seasons are the best time to dethatch your lawn because this process can stress a lawn. Very early spring and early fall are optimal times.



By ridding the lawn of this clutter, it creates a more optimal growing condition for the grass where water, fertilizers, and sunlight are more easily accessible to the lawn. Also, de-thatching is a good thing to do before overseeding.

There are numerous types of leaf and specialty rakes available from many yard tool manufacturers. There likely is a rake to suit any particular yard or garden need you may have.

Photo credits: True Temper

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