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Garden Caddy Just in Time For Summer Gardening – DIY Project

When you build this handy wooden caddy for storing all your garden hand tools this year, you’ll feel so organized that you’ll impress yourself! We wanted to make this caddy and share the tutorial on our blog with you. And by the way, if you are looking for a gift to make for someone special, […]

Raking Leaves Using This Handy Tip

If you really hate the thought of raking leaves and don’t own a leaf blower, this handy tip may help make the task go a bit quicker. We each have been using this technique in our own yards and have found it to be less tiring, and it sort of shakes things up a bit! […]

Repairing a Planter Box

Any frugal DIY’er would agree that if something can be fixed, then it would be a shame to toss it out. This wood planter box repair looked doable, and with a few fasteners, glue,  and a new bottom it looks as good as new. The planter box is about 12″ in length, and is made […]

Picker-Upper Tool – Gathers Up Acorns to Apples

This past weekend I saw a neighbor using a very interesting, and innovative, yard tool. It has a long handle and at the ground end of the tool, a wire rolling basket to grab those pesky things that drop from trees all over the lawn. My neighbor was using this tool to pick up walnuts […]

How to Make a Template for a Decorative Jigsaw Cut

You know what an arbor looks like. You know what a pergola looks like. Have you ever noticed those beautiful, intricate patterns and scrolls that are cut into the ends of the uppermost boards?   These patterns, or designs, really add a layer of gorgeous detailing to the arbor or pergola. Sometimes, these little craftsman […]

Pruning Saw – Indispensable Hand Tool for The Yard

Spring and summer are just around the corner. Many homeowners are looking forward to some mild temperatures to be able to get started on some springtime yard cleanup. It’s amazing what accumulates in the yard over the winter. If your to-do list for the yard includes pruning small tree branches, dead wooding, or cutting up […]

Leaf Rakes and Specialty Rakes

Having the right tool for an outdoor task makes the project go more smoothly, whether for building and construction, gardening, or lawn care. Innovative designs, also, make tools easier to use or add a time-saving value to the tool’s workability.  Leaf Rakes  Leaf rakes and autumn seem to go hand in hand when the leaves […]

Could Your Lawn Benefit From Lawn Core Aeration?

The state of a homeowner’s lawn can be either a source of joy or frustration. And it can be truly frustrating if you’ve been spending a lot of time and money on it without seeing much improvement. Lawn aeration is a means of lawn care that could be just what your lawn needs to rejuvenate […]

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