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Red Entry Doors

Red entry doors are so eye-catching. The color red can be used as one of the accent colors for a house’s color palette. Since red is so striking, it is a color that should be used sparingly. One of the immediate effects of using a red hue, is it’s capability of creating a focal point on the house.


Red can make or break the deal; meaning if it is over used, it loses its ‘pop’, its potential, or even its purpose. All of these examples of red doors in these photos were the only use of red on that house. This limited use made it an exceptionally beautiful accent.


Really, your front door is a prominent part of your house – an essential component of your home’s architecture; one that leads to the first impression people will have of your home.


Typically, you see red entry doors on traditional house styles. There are many thoughts on what a red door says. One meaning, attributed to a traditional New England style house, is that a red door means ‘Welcome’. You can’t beat that.


Even a storm/screen door can be red – why not? We love this louver screen door. You can have a bit of privacy and fresh air, and it doesn’t block out the sounds of summertime.



Black, bronze, and brass door hardware look great with a red door. Great curb appeal!


Decisions, decisions: semi-gloss or high gloss paint? Bright red or dark red?

Some great reds are:

  • ‘Real Red’ by Sherwin Williams
  •  ‘Hunting Coat Red’ by Ralph Lauren
  •  ‘Accent Red’ by Porter Paints
  •  ‘Heritage Red’ by Benjamin Moore

Don’t think that there are just a few shades of red out there, and that it will be easy to decide on one – each of the major paint brands have a ton of reds to choose from.


If your house had a red front door, it would make giving directions to your house easy, as in ‘it’s the fifth house on the right with the red door’. They’ll find it!


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