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Picker-Upper Tool – Gathers Up Acorns to Apples

This past weekend I saw a neighbor using a very interesting, and innovative, yard tool. It has a long handle and at the ground end of the tool, a wire rolling basket to grab those pesky things that drop from trees all over the lawn.

My neighbor was using this tool to pick up walnuts that had fallen in the lawn. I thought that it looked like a pretty cool tool for yard clean up, and I wanted to find out what it was.

After a little research, I found the name of this tool! It’s called a Nut Wizard. This roller basket on the long handle comes in 5 basket sizes for picking up different size objects – anything from an acorn to an apple. In actual dimensions that’s about 1/4” to 4” in diameter, according to the manufacturer’s product descriptions. This picker-upper type tool could really come in handy for homeowners who have trees that bear an abundance of fruit leaving the yard looking messy and untidy.


How It Works

The open basket has flexible pieces of wire that give and separate just enough to grab the object when the basket rolls back and forth over it on the ground. The basket gathers up the debris, and it can be easily emptied with a devise called an ‘unloader’.

This device attaches to some types of trash cans or a heavy duty bucket, like those large buckets at the home improvement stores or a drywall mud bucket. It separates the wires of the roller basket, and this releases the objects into the bucket. It’s all very handy.

You can check out their site of the same name, to see demo videos. These tools can be purchased there on their website, and also on Amazon.


Frugal Friday


Photo credits:  Nut Wizard

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