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Beautiful Chimneys

It’s difficult not to notice a beautifully designed chimney. Some chimneys on newer houses have a wow factor, and many on older houses have it, too. Architectural design and skillful craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of a beautiful chimney.

Not every chimney has a wow factor, but many do, and they are something to aspire to when renovating or building an addition that will include a fireplace.



Beautiful chimneys are sometimes elaborate, and have chimney pots.



Some are stately.



Sometimes they are shorter.




And some have a cottage look like this white painted brick chimney. Look at that beautiful classic detailing!



Some are built with stone, and some with brick.




Some have recesses that create unique and interesting details.




And this one was renovated – it had an old beige brick veneer that was covered with a concrete product that resembles natural stone. It’s really gorgeous. And it’s less expensive to use – which is good to know if natural stone doesn’t fit your project budget.


Hard to believe it’s not natural stone, isn’t it?




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