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How to Fix a Crack in a Concrete Slab


It’s so important to stay behind maintenance repairs so that the condition doesn’t deteriorate further. A surface crack across a concrete driveway or patio may not seem like a big deal, but if left unrepaired over time it can become wider, deeper, and become chipped.   Why Does Concrete Crack? Concrete can crack from various […]

Tools Can Damage Concrete Surfaces

Your concrete project can look like this for decades if properly cared for

Several years ago, I was talking with an owner/contractor of a decorative stamped concrete company  (lets call him Joe) about a callback he had regarding  a concrete walk he installed for a homeowner.  The following spring after the installation he received a call from the homeowner complaining that the stamped concrete walk did not stand […]

Cleaning Mildew & Algae on Outdoor Walking Surfaces

This outdoor surface has both mildew and algae growth. This growth can discolor the surface over time and create a slippery surface. Notice the lighter square markings from an object that was removed from the area.

Mildew and algae can grow on both horizontal and vertical exterior surfaces. They can grow so slowly that you may not be aware of their presence until they become very visible by discoloring the surface, or when a walking surface becomes slippery, especially when the surface is wet.   Mildew is typically black or gray […]

Concrete Can Be an Attractive Choice


We want to share a project of ours to show you another option in selecting a material to use for a walk or patio. This was a unique project for us in regard to the technique that was used to achieve the intricate design.     This is a residential project we did for a homeowner […]

Gravel Base: Driveways, Walks, Patios


Are you going to be installing any type of pavement in your yard, such as a paver driveway, patio, or walk? Even if you will be hiring a contractor to install concrete or asphalt, or a skilled mason for a mortared pavement, you’ll find it beneficial to have an understanding of the importance of a […]

Deicing Salts and Concrete

Deicing salts can react with concrete and may cause spalling overtime

When snow and ice start to accumulate on your driveway and walks, typically for most homeowners, providing safe walking surfaces is the primary concern. Perhaps the next concern would be to have the ability to operate your vehicles so that they are not sliding around on the driveway, or getting stuck at the bottom of […]

The Basics for Designing Outdoor Steps


Building correctly proportional steps is necessary for safety. Front porch steps, deck steps, or an outdoor stair way, all need to be designed for safe use. If you have a project coming up that will involve building a set of steps, there are important issues to understand. We rely on steps to be comfortable to […]

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