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Cleaning Out the Garage: What to Do With Old Household Products

It was ‘clean out day’ outside in our Mom’s garage recently. A local household hazardous waste drop-off event was coming up soon, and we wanted to take advantage of it, and get rid of a bunch of old household products. We had been eyeing various older items in the garage for a while, wanting to […]

A New Look for an Old Storm Door

Painting my aluminum storm door proved to be a worthwhile project. It gave the door an updated look, and, not having to buy a new storm door right now, was an added bonus.   Even though the door is around 20 years old, overall, it is in good mechanical condition, despite having a few dings […]

Red Entry Doors

Red entry doors are so eye-catching. The color red can be used as one of the accent colors for a house’s color palette. Since red is so striking, it is a color that should be used sparingly. One of the immediate effects of using a red hue, is it’s capability of creating a focal point […]

Historic Exterior Paint and Stain Colors

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has documented over 250 historic colors from its extensive research. The colors were influenced by popularity or fashion of a particular era, and the technology of paint manufacturing during that time. Choosing the perfect exterior colors for your house and yard (fences, arbors, trellis, outdoor furniture, wood planters, and […]

Your Minimal Traditional Yard

The Minimal Traditional is a modest, smaller house of 950-1200 square feet with great potential. If this is the style of your house, there are seemingly endless things you can do to give it rich traditional detailing.   Minimal Traditional was just that: a traditional architectural style with minimal detailing. The minimal detailing was a […]

Lobster Buoys – Summertime Decor

Livening up your outdoor spaces is easy with iconic summertime themes and decorations. These beautiful and colorful lobster buoys can conjure up the feel of sandy beaches, the refreshing waves and the seashells, and the relaxed feeling of staying at a beach cottage.   What is a Lobster Buoy? Lobster fishermen use buoys to locate […]

House Styles – Examples and Features

Use tell-tale architectural details to pinpoint the architectural style of your house. This can provide a starting point for much design inspiration. Check out these examples of architectural styles and their typical features to help you identify the architecture of your house. Many versions exist of a particular style and these sketches/photos illustrate just one […]

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