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The Folding Picnic Table – Table For 4, Please!

Way back when we were kids, an aunt and uncle of ours had this really cool folding picnic table that they would bring to family picnics. I never forgot it because it was such a unique table. It had seats (4) and table all in one, and it all folded up nicely to become its own compact carrying case!

The table and seats had a yellow metal frame, and I don’t remember what material the seat tops and table top were made of, but it seems it was some sort of plywood, but I can’t say for sure.

I hunted for a picture of this vintage table, and found one on etsy. I never thought I’d actually find a picture of it, but here it is!



Everything back then was made of metal, probably steel, which made it very heavy. I didn’t know how heavy it was, but while I was hunting for a picture of the old table, I saw it mentioned that it is fairly heavy.

A number of years ago (probably15 years ago), I was shopping at Target and lo and behold, there was that table – an all-in-one folding picnic table with 4 seats in a summery green! It had evolved into a table that was constructed of sturdy plastic with an aluminum frame, which makes it somewhat lighter in weight than the old steel table. (I still have the box it came in, and it indicates that the table weighs 21 pounds.)

Since I had thought that the table our aunt and uncle once had was so cool, and, not having any idea that these tables were still made, I was thrilled to find it. And, I bought it without hesitation. I think at that time it was about $50.

This table is similar to the one I have –



I love this table. It has come in handy so many times over the years. It is so easy to set up in the backyard – for extra seating at a cookout, for lunch or an ice cream treat when the kids are swimming, it has even been taken to family reunions since it is so portable and easy to pack in the car. And actually, it would be great to take camping, too.

Here are some other versions and styles that I have come across. This one is from – the inset photo shows the table folded into its own self-contained case –



I never have a problem setting it up – mine is quite easy to set up, and with not having to use any tools, it takes only a couple of minutes. Taking it down and storing it away is just as easy.

This style is in aluminum and has the look of wood from Wayfair –



I don’t know if many folks know about this folding picnic table, but I’m happy that I remembered it, and stumped upon it at Target. If it ever got damaged, I would buy another one! It even has a hole in the center of the tabletop for an umbrella, though I’ve never had one for it. I’ll have to get an umbrella for it someday.

If seat weight capacity is a concern, you should check what the manufacturer of the particular table you’re interested in recommends.



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