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Shovels 101

A lot of outdoor projects require the right shovel to make the job go easier. Learn which shovel will help with a specific outdoor project. We all remember seeing different types of shovels in the garage when we were kids. And for many of us, a shovel was a shovel even though they had obvious […]

Nominal vs. Actual Sizes of Lumber

Dimensional lumber is used to build houses, porches, decks, pergolas, and so on. Before building an outdoor project know the actual sizes of lumber. Most people are perhaps acquainted with typical lumber sizes, like the 2×4 or the 2×6. These are the nominal sizes, or names, of the lumber. When you go to the home […]

What is a Cord of Firewood & How Should It Be Stored?

Ordering firewood, whether a full cord or a fraction of a cord, won’t be confusing once you know what a cord of firewood is. Storing your firewood properly will keep it dry and ready for your fireplace or firepit. It seems that autumn used to be the time of year when people began to think […]

A Fall To-Do List

Finish your fall clean-up and outdoor projects now before the cold weather hits. Organize and schedule each task for efficiency. It’s that time of year again, when we try to get projects and tasks finished up before the cold weather arrives. As a plus, the cooler fall weather makes it much more comfortable to do […]

DIY Outdoor Planter Box – Cape Cod Style Planter

We designed this outdoor planter with traditional and classic detailing in mind. It would be a great addition for your porch, deck, or patio. Cape Cod Style Planter Box We call this planter box the “Cape Cod” because it reflects the architectural style of the north east sea coast. Our aim was to give it […]

Pruners 101

Learn the basics of common outdoor pruners, how to select the right pruner to help maintain the plants in your yard and helpful suggestions on which pruner may be best for you. How many times have we used sewing scissors or a serrated kitchen knife to do a pruning task in the yard? Or, heaven […]

Outdoor Lighting for Your House Style

Use outdoor lighting to enhance your outdoor living spaces with outdoor architectural lighting, outdoor accent lighting, and outdoor entry lighting to highlight and complement your homes architectural style and to create the perfect setting for all your outdoor rooms . The type of outdoor lighting we chose can enhance the enjoyment of our living spaces. […]

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