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Color in the Winter Landscape

Add certain plants to your outdoors that have special characteristic, such as colorful branches, fruit, shape, or interesting bark to enhance and add natural beauty to any winter landscape. You may be looking for a way to spice up your yard’s winter landscape. The lack of color, muted hues, and sometimes the biting cold temperatures […]

Shovels 101

A lot of outdoor projects require the right shovel to make the job go easier. Learn which shovel will help with a specific outdoor project. We all remember seeing different types of shovels in the garage when we were kids. And for many of us, a shovel was a shovel even though they had obvious […]

Nominal vs. Actual Sizes of Lumber

Dimensional lumber is used to build houses, porches, decks, pergolas, and so on. Before building an outdoor project know the actual sizes of lumber. Most people are perhaps acquainted with typical lumber sizes, like the 2×4 or the 2×6. These are the nominal sizes, or names, of the lumber. When you go to the home […]

What is a Cord of Firewood & How Should It Be Stored?

Ordering firewood, whether a full cord or a fraction of a cord, won’t be confusing once you know what a cord of firewood is. Storing your firewood properly will keep it dry and ready for your fireplace or firepit. It seems that autumn used to be the time of year when people began to think […]

Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens, created during W.W.I and W.W.II, became an essential part of life on the home front and a way for civilians to do their patriotic duty. Make your own Victory Garden like the one your parents and grandparents had. There are two times in history when Victory Gardens have played a significant role in […]

Country Place Era

Maybe the interest in living far from the city in a quiet and serene setting all started over a century ago marked by the rise of country estate living in America. There was a time in American history known as the Country Place Era. It actually was the result of the socioeconomic changes brought about […]

What is the Profession of Landscape Architecture?

Learn the art and technical sides of landscape architecture. Planning, designing, construction, are involved in creating functional and enjoyable outdoor spaces whether for commercial, public or residential projects. To many people, the profession of landscape architecture is a mystery. Confused by the word ‘landscape’ in the title, it is often mistaken that the profession is […]

A Fall To-Do List

Finish your fall clean-up and outdoor projects now before the cold weather hits. Organize and schedule each task for efficiency. It’s that time of year again, when we try to get projects and tasks finished up before the cold weather arrives. As a plus, the cooler fall weather makes it much more comfortable to do […]

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