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The Adirondack Chair

What a unique shape for a chair, and so very relaxing. It is at home on a porch, patio, and even in the lawn. It seems that one of our country’s favorite outdoor chairs is the Adirondack chair. It is an American summer and fall icon that signals a relaxing ‘landing place’. The original, known […]

The Basics for Designing Outdoor Steps

Building correctly proportional steps is necessary for safety. Front porch steps, deck steps, or an outdoor stair way, all need to be designed for safe use. If you have a project coming up that will involve building a set of steps, there are important issues to understand. We rely on steps to be comfortable to […]

How to Design a Patio

Lay out an outdoor space in real dimensions before beginning your outdoor project. Make sure you are allowing for enough room for the proper use of your outdoor spaces.   If you have created a master plan for your yard, you probably have a good feeling as to whether all the separate areas and their specific […]

Architectural Styles of Houses

Discover the architectural style of your house. Carry it into the architectural detailing and features of outdoor projects and outdoor furnishings. Do you know the architectural style of your house? As a homeowner, you probably can look back at the time when you were in search of the perfect, or not so perfect, house to […]

House Styles – Examples and Features

Use tell-tale architectural details to pinpoint the architectural style of your house. This can provide a starting point for much design inspiration. Check out these examples of architectural styles and their typical features to help you identify the architecture of your house. Many versions exist of a particular style and these sketches/photos illustrate just one […]

DIY Outdoor Planter Box – Cape Cod Style Planter

We designed this outdoor planter with traditional and classic detailing in mind. It would be a great addition for your porch, deck, or patio. Cape Cod Style Planter Box We call this planter box the “Cape Cod” because it reflects the architectural style of the north east sea coast. Our aim was to give it […]

Pruners 101

Learn the basics of common outdoor pruners, how to select the right pruner to help maintain the plants in your yard and helpful suggestions on which pruner may be best for you. How many times have we used sewing scissors or a serrated kitchen knife to do a pruning task in the yard? Or, heaven […]

Tips For a Cut Flower Garden

Make a cut flower garden one of your gardens for your yard. Place a cheery bouquet from the garden on the kitchen counter and watch how it changes the mood of the room.   What could be better than a constant stream of colorful fresh cut flowers, adding a bit of color and texture, throughout […]

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