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Picker-Upper Tool – Gathers Up Acorns to Apples

This past weekend I saw a neighbor using a very interesting, and innovative, yard tool. It has a long handle and at the ground end of the tool, a wire rolling basket to grab those pesky things that drop from trees all over the lawn. My neighbor was using this tool to pick up walnuts […]

Even a Side Yard Deserves an Eye-Catching Design

We are in the process of renovating our Mom’s two side yards. Right now, we are working on the side along the wall of the garage. It’s been a process, with removing old shrubs, and relocated/reusing others. Even though it’s been a lot of work, it is exciting to see the improvements that the renovation […]

Do You Really Want to Install That Tree as a Shrub?

We have seen this plant installation a number of times, and it is unfortunate, because landscape plants aren’t cheap, and this tree’s enhancement to the yard could have been so effective in the right location. Some homeowners may take a liking to a certain landscape plant at the garden center and buy it without giving […]

Mums – Fall Flowers in the Colors of Summer

Yes, it’s that ‘back to school’ time of year, almost the end of summer. I don’t know about you, but I don’t let go of summer so easily. Really, the weather is still great and there’s so much outdoor living to do yet.   I like summer so much that I like to use its […]

Edge Your Lawn & Get Instant Curb Appeal

It’s amazing what a simple thing like edging can do for the appearance of your lawn. It had been a while since any edging had been done to our mom’s lawn, and it was in desperate need of edging to give it those crisp clean lines you see on manicured lawns. The string line of […]

How to Cut a Hanging Basket Liner and Get a Perfect Fit

Have you ever tried to get a hanging basket liner in a decorative hanging basket and can’t quite get it to fit? Here is a quick and easy way to get a nice smooth fit and create a beautiful hanging basket to enjoy all season. This summer I discovered a really simple solution for getting […]

Landscape Design for a Small Space

Landscape beds can have a many functions, in addition to providing beautiful surroundings for an outdoor living space. By using vertical elements like an obelisk, it’s possible to create a small sense of privacy. This raised plant bed is in our Mom’s backyard. It had been built years ago, and over the years it seemed […]

Creating a Landscape Feature Using Outcrop Stone Slabs

A popular landscape feature with many homeowners is the application of large heavy natural stone slabs to create an outcropping effect. This type of feature can be used on a hill or bank with a gentle or rolling slope, where the large stone slabs are fitted, and tucked into the earth to appear as if […]

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