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Wood Garage Door Bottom Seal

Sealing the bottom edge of your garage door  is not just a good idea in terms of keeping drafts, leaves and dirt out of the garage, it also eliminates a point of entry for little critters looking for food or a place to nest. Remarkably, a mouse only needs 1/4” of space to get into […]

Leaf Rakes and Specialty Rakes

Having the right tool for an outdoor task makes the project go more smoothly, whether for building and construction, gardening, or lawn care. Innovative designs, also, make tools easier to use or add a time-saving value to the tool’s workability.  Leaf Rakes  Leaf rakes and autumn seem to go hand in hand when the leaves […]

Paver Trash Can Storage Area

Some homeowners keep trash cans in the garage, and others store them outdoors. A great way for a homeowner to spruce up the outdoor area where the trash cans are kept is to install a hard surface pad for their storage. This can be a more attractive solution than having to set the cans right […]

Could Your Lawn Benefit From Lawn Core Aeration?

The state of a homeowner’s lawn can be either a source of joy or frustration. And it can be truly frustrating if you’ve been spending a lot of time and money on it without seeing much improvement. Lawn aeration is a means of lawn care that could be just what your lawn needs to rejuvenate […]

Historic Exterior Paint and Stain Colors

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has documented over 250 historic colors from its extensive research. The colors were influenced by popularity or fashion of a particular era, and the technology of paint manufacturing during that time. Choosing the perfect exterior colors for your house and yard (fences, arbors, trellis, outdoor furniture, wood planters, and […]

Plants for Hillsides & Erosion Control

Many types of plants, including a grass lawn, can be used to stabilize and cover a slope, or hillside, to prevent erosion of the soil. Lawns typically need to be mowed many times during a growing season, though. And depending on the angle of the slope, a grass lawn can be difficult to mow, and […]

Lumber Yards

Have we forgotten about those reliable lumber yards where our grandfathers, dad, and uncles would head to on a Saturday morning to get lumber for the projects on their to-do lists? Whether the project was building a go-cart for the family, or a porch and steps off the kitchen, a visit to the lumber yard […]

How To Make a House Address Plaque

You can add a great architectural element to your house by displaying your house address on a wooden plaque. You can get all the pieces and parts at the home improvement store. Also, craft stores will likely have a larger variety of wood plaque styles to choose from, too. This wooden plaque came in this […]

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